Valdera Archaeological Museum


The museum is located on the first floor or “piano nobile” of Villa Baciocchi and is composed of five rooms offering an archaeological route along the evolution of the human history of the Valdera area, from Prehistory to Medieval times: 1 – Prehistory and Protohistory in Valdera; 2-The Etruscans in Valdera: the settlements; 3-The Etruscans in Valdera: the necropolis; 4-The Roman Valdera: 5- Medieval times in Valdera.

The museum gathers archaeological materials (ceramics, coins, lithic industry, stone elements) deriving exclusively from excavations and research work conducted in Valdera. The exhibition is enriched by a set of dioramas representing types of ancient settlements including a Neolithic village found in Podere Casanuova (Pontedera) and an Etruscan hut in Montacchita (Palaia).

La scheda

Ente proprietario: Comune di Capannoli
Orario: All days from 9.30 am to 12.30 am/15.30 pm to 19.30p.
Closed tuersday and wendsday afternoom
Telefono: If you wish to book a guided visit please call the museum at the following number: 0587 607035


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