Collection of Engravings and Lithographies –Vito Merlini Donation

The collection is composed of 279 sheets including engravings, xylographies, lithographies and silk-screen printings. It is a gathering of works that mostly document a specific period of our artistic history namely the second part of the 20thcentury that saw the significant development of Italian and foreign graphics. Vito Merlini, former doctor of Peccioli, has gathered a broad collection of graphics, part of which was donated to the Municipality of Peccioli in 2006.  The collection includes sheets by informal artists, as well as figurative and metaphysical works.  Many are the engravers (Viviani, Piacesi, Bartolini, Zancanaro, Gulino, Monatti, Greco, Morena, Paris, etc.) and also the painters and sculptors who devoted their talent to the engraving and lythographic techniques with extraordinary results: Baj, Freddo, Carrà, Guerricchio, Guttoso, Possenti, Borlotti, Maffi, Manzù, etc. Several are the well-known names: Accardi, Annigoni, Cantatore, Dorazio, Fattori, Goya, Marino Marini, Mirò, De Chirico, Dalì, Saetti, Sassu, Scialoja, Soffici, Vangi, Vittorini and others.

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By contacting the museum secretariat by fax (0587 670831) schools and groups may book guided visits also outside opening times.

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In case of bad weather, it is possible to book the Centro Polivalente di Piccioli for packed lunches. Please contact the secretariat for advance booking.  


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