Museum of Wood


In the Museum of the old carpenter’s workshop has been recreated by exhibiting the most common  work tools: the hammer, the saw, the plane, the gouge, the copper pot to heat glue in and the wood used by  the artisan to build furniture such “la Pancina” and “la Ponsacchina” which were extremely successful on the Italian market.

The carpenter’s tables, now worm-eaten, and the tools, are not the only protagonists of this extraordinary and exciting journey through the history of the artisan traditions which have made Ponsacco one of the most important furniture manufacturing centres. The exhibition route inside the Museum displays the tools, the machines and the results of this complex handcraft allowing the visitor to discover the history of the artisan traditions of Ponsacco and of its surrounding territory.

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Indirizzo: c/o Mostra del Mobilio, Piazza della Mostra, 4 Ponsacco
Orario: By contacting the secretariat (by fax 0587 670831) groups and schools may book guided visits also outside regular opening hours.
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