The Etruscan Hypogeum




The monumental complex of the hypogeum in the historical centre of the town, of which the group located in Via della Fonta is the most significant both in terms of documentable architectonic types and of the evident stratification of past historical periods, is one of the most fascinating archaeological realities of the Valdera area.

Currently being extended through the transformation of other sites into museums, the route leads to  the Hypegeum of Belvedere which can be dated back to the 4th century b.C. and subsequently readapted for agricultural and winemaking purposes. Inside the collection of Etruscan gravestones from Terricciola is preserved, including the Cippo dei Poggiarelli, amongst the most significant of the material production from Pisa.

The route is enriched by the cinerary urn of the church of San Donato Martire of the 2nd century b.C. and discovered in 1752 during works for the construction of the choir of SS. Rosario, now sacred heart chapel annexed to the Parish church. The urn is particularly valuable owing to the high relief on the base representing the Greek myth of Attheon who was torn apart by dogs. The urn is can be viewed by visitors thanks to the intervention of archpriest Orazio Giovannelli who, a few days after its discovery, had the it partially walled in over the door of the rectory building.

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