The Piaggio Museum

Inaugurated on 29th March 2000, the museum covers the 3000 square metres of a former tool factory, housed within one of the oldest buildings of the Pontedera factory. It represents one of the most successful and harmonious examples of recovery of an industrial area.

The Piaggio Museum hosts the permanent exhibitions of the Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera collections, items that are unique, original, fascinating, at times curious, and part of the history of Italian and world transport. On show, the most beautiful and rare Vespa scooters that have inspired great artists such as Salvador Dalì; the “carenate” Vespa scooters used to beat speed and regularity records in the 1950ties, the extraordinary stainless steel train, expression of the high technological standard achieved by Piaggio in the Thirties before Vespa was invented. Then the mythical Ciao and Ape were produced, in all their creative versions. Beside Vespa and the other Piaggio products, the museum exhibits the most beautiful and prestigious motorbikes produced by Gilera the manufacturer with the two-ring logo: from the first model made in 1909 to those of today, through the models of the Fifties, such as the Saturno  or the Gilera 500 which have made a whole generation of sport enthusiasts dream. 

La scheda

Indirizzo: Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7 - 56025 Pontedera
Orario: from tuersday to saturday 10 am-6.00 pm
Telefono: 0587 27171 e 0587 290057
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