Museum of the Ancient History of the Territory of Bientina.


The Museum is located in the small church of Saint Jerome.

In the last sixty years there have been many important archaeological findings that bear witness to the presence of Etruscan settlements on the territory. This has contributed to reveal a considerable part of the history of the  plain of Bientina. The excavations and the recovery works have brought to light numerous findings of considerable historical interest, such as Etruscan amphoras, Bucchero ceramics and ceramics painted red, elements of necklaces, fibulas, pins and earrings. A  part of these items were part of the funeral dowry of a grave found during the excavation work and during the reclamation work of the Bientina marsh.

La scheda

Ente proprietario: Comune di Bientina
Indirizzo: vicolo Masaccio, bientina
Orario: Sundays from 10.00 to 12.00
Closed the entire month of August
Telefono: The Municipal Authority’s Cultural Service: 0587758445


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